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void IceMainWidget::newExec (  )  [slot]

Select an executable using a file dialog

Definition at line 365 of file IceMainWidget.cpp.

Referenced by IceMainWidget().

  ;//qDebug("DEBUG: IceMainWidget::newExec()");
  QString file;
  int ok;
  static QString startDir = homeDir;

  QFileDialog* dialog = new QFileDialog(startDir,QString::null,this,"newExec",true);
  dialog->setCaption("Please Select Application");
  ok = dialog->exec();

  file = dialog->selectedFile();
  if ( (!file.isEmpty()) && (ok) ) {
    if (execEdit->isEnabled())
      popupMessage("... to err is human ...",
               "Application Executable Field is not enabled.\n"
               "Please select appropriate Type for Item\n"
               "(e.g. 'prog' instead of 'separator' or 'menu')");
  else {
    // canceled

  startDir = dialog->dirPath(); // for next use
  delete dialog;

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