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IceMenuScanner Class Reference

#include <IceMenuInCompiler.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

IceMC - a menu editor for IceWM Copyright (c) 2000 Georg Mittendorfer

Definition at line 17 of file IceMenuInCompiler.h.

Public Types

enum  symbolCode {
  noSy, eolSy, eofSy, quoteSy,
  lBraceSy, rBraceSy, menuSy, progSy,
  restartSy, separatorSy, identSy, quotedIdentSy,
  menufileSy, menuprogSy

Public Member Functions

virtual void getActPos (int &line, int &sy)
virtual QString getIdentStr () const
 IceMenuScanner (const QString filePath)
 IceMenuScanner ()
virtual symbolCode newSy ()
virtual void setFile (const QString filePath)

Protected Member Functions

virtual QChar newChar ()
virtual symbolCode skipRestOfLine ()

Protected Attributes

QChar ch
QString identStr
int lnr
QFile * src
QString srcLine
QTextStream * srcStream
symbolCode sy
uint synr

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